Sjótækni secures the investment in a work boat

Sjótækni´s workboat, Catamaran NABCAT 1510 DD from Moen Marin in Norway. Photo by Moen Marin.
Sjótækni´s workboat, Catamaran NABCAT 1510 DD from Moen Marin in Norway. Photo by Moen Marin.
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A great milestone was reached in the collaboration between Sjótækni ehf. and the aquaculture companies Arnarlax and Arctic fish when the companies' representatives recently signed service agreements in Ísafjörður. Sjótækni has provided various services for the fish farming companies in the Westfjords in recent years, and these agreements cover the tasks that need to be carried out. The agreements are valid for four years and include increased opportunities for development in Sjótækni's services and equipment.


Sjótækni is an ocean-going contractor that performs installation, monitoring, maintenance and service of various structures in sea and water for companies, institutions and municipalities as well as operating powerful diving services. The company serves both large and small buyers for various projects throughout the country and abroad, depending on the buyers' needs. Construction is related to, among other things, aquaculture, underwater pipelines, structures in sea and water, shipping services, power plants and heavy industry. The company manufactures boats, work ships, barges, service vehicles and a lot of specialized equipment, such as sea and water measuring equipment of the most advanced type. Sjótækni ehf. has headquarters in Tálknafjörður.


Sjótækni is located in Hafnarhúsið in Tálknafjörður and improvements have been made so that the building can better accommodate the company's operations and equipment. An important investment in Sjótækni is ahead, as agreements have been concluded for the construction of the company's new workboat in Norway. This is a powerful workboat that can provide services to the aquaculture facilities and work on the installation of new pens and their attachments, as well as various other projects that Sjótækni deals with. The work boat is a Catamaran NABCAT 1510 DD from Moen Marin in Norway and is 15 m long and 10 m wide. The work boat is double-hulled and equipped with powerful engines as well as cranes and equipment for setting up and stretching system mounts for docks. There will be good facilities for the crew on board and the boat will facilitate all work at Sjótækni for the fish farming companies. The boat is expected to arrive in Iceland in March 2021 and we look forward to tackling future projects with anticipation.


With these agreements, Sjótækni with the aquaculture companies Arnarlax and Arctic fish continues the good co-operation that the companies have had for years.