Training for our new USV in Norway

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Always aiming for the best possible service for our customers at Sjótækni ltd., two of our staff members came home last week after an intense training on our new "Otter" USV (Unmanned Surface Vehicle) to it's manufacturers MARITIME ROBOTICS in Trondheim, Norway.

Soon we will introduce our new team member in detail on our website, but first it has to arrive with us...

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A visit at Acotec in Belgium

Sjótækni ltd. has newly sealed a contract with Acotec in Belgium for the use of their DZI (Dry Zetting Installations) cofferdam for dock repair. The method of drying the steel sheets for maintenance and repair is not new on the mainland, but has not been used in Iceland until now. We believe that this method is the only one fitting, to execute this demanding work under the right conditions.

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We at Sjótækni ltd. got recently visited by Frederik Van Haute of Acotec. He came to introduce Acotec at a conference at the Hilton in Reykjavik. Alongside light refreshments, we came to know their method in maintenance and repair of harbor facilities.

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